Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Very Scary Halloween Indeed...

Last Saturday was quite frightful.
No, not because of that awful "holiday" which I mentioned above.
No, rather because The Male led me out into traffic on my bike for the first time.
All I can say is that I'm really glad that we don't have bike-to-bike communication yet, or I'd be having to 'splain where I learned those words.
We've been practicing in the local community college stadium parking lot for months now. I've done lots of slow maneuvers, stops and starts, figure-eights, etc.
We have an industrial park under construction only about a mile away, which is the closest thing we'll ever come to open roads here in the Big City. I've gotten up to 45 miles an hour--which was quite the exhilarating experience, I'm telling you. Noisy, too. The road is right at the end of our local airport's runway and I thought a plane was taking off overhead! Nope, just the wind rushing by my please-don't-hit-me-yellow helmet.
We've gone on the quiet roads between here and there.
We've circled our local neighborhood park in quiet residential area.
I haven't dropped my bike since that first truly awful, no good, very bad first day.
But, this! This was the Real Thing. A 4-lane street, with impatient, hurried, Big City drivers.
We were supposed to go just one block, make a right turn, another block, right turn, etc.
But, he just kept going. One block, another, a lane change, past the library, past the grocery store, another lane change, finally a right turn!!! Oh, joy!
Please, oh, please, turn on this quiet street.
OK, how about the next one?!?!
Oh, no!
He's heading for a big 4-laner again!
Can I make the turn???
Oh, please don't let me crash!!!
Please let me get home in one piece!
Yay! Our driveway!
When can we go again???