Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Bike Ride and Ice Cream: A Winning Combination

So, a few Sundays ago, The Male decided he needed a trip to the barber's and enticed me along with the promise of a stop at our favorite little ice cream shop. It's privately owned by a family with roots in Mexico, and all their ice cream is hand-made in the Mexican tradition. It is incredibly delicious. I'd go out in my jammies for ice cream at this place. It is that good.

This was actually our second ride there. Two weeks earlier, we also suited up, skipping the stop at the barber's though, and took three flavors to a friend for her birthday. That was great fun.

The flavors are so different: sweet potato, tamarind, guava, and more. They also have paletas, Mexican fruit popsicles, both with and without cream. They are a delicious treat in the summer. We usually bring a cooler along to keep everything cold until we get home, but we've discovered that saddlebags are a good substitute.

I think these trips were a milestone for me. The ride is just far enough to be challenging, but not so far as to be risky. There are enough traffic distractions to keep me alert, but not so much as to make myself a danger. We also had to stop at the gas station both trips, which was great practice in tight maneuvering.

Hummm.... I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow afternoon? Perhaps I can convince The Male he needs another hair cut....

Safely at the barber's.

The mileage from the gas station, which is about a mile from our house.

La Flor de Mexico; go get some ice cream there right now. Seriously, they need your business!