Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Helmet and Stuff

I bought my helmet before I got my bike. Just in case I went for a ride two-up with The Male. It was an enlightening experience to be sure. Helmets are expensive. Very Expensive. As in we've owned cars that were worth less than a good helmet.
On the other hand, the most important part of me is between my chin and the top of my head, so I think it's a worthy investment. I will be on a moving motorcycle, surrounded by nothing but a cushion of air, and counting on nothing but my fine sense of balance to keep me upright.
People have died from traumatic brain injuries by just falling down, for Heaven's sake. Imagine what damage could be done to my head at traffic speeds....
So, off we went to shop for a helmet.
I learned a few things.
That I don't "look" like a biker chick.
That I have an unnaturally large head. (Which shouldn't be such a surprise as my children do, too.)
That one should not wear earrings on a day spent pulling tight-fitting helmets on and off one's (large-ish) head.

This scene was repeated in nearly every store we visited:
Clerk, to The Male, "Can I help you?"
The Male, "Yes, we're looking for a helmet for my wife."
Clerk, looking at me dubiously, "For you???"

And, a bonus scene:
Me, "This one is too small, too."
Clerk, "Wow, you don't LOOK like you have a large head."

Oh, it was a rough day...

But, we found one that fit, although I did have to order larger cheek pads. (I sold the originals on Ebay.) I choose the color that I call "please-don't -hit-me yellow." Looks rather cartoonish, but again, I'm rather fond of my head and really don't want to test the helmet's ability to protect it.

The store called a few days later to say my order was in. So, we got it home and I tried it on, seeing how the cheek pads were fitting. The Male wanted to do this as I was cooking dinner, and things needed attending to, so the following picture was taken. Enjoy.

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