Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wow! I've been gone a while, haven't I?

After we got back from Alaska, life kinda went a little crazy, and riding had to go by the wayside for a bit. We skipped our holiday ride tradition on Thanksgiving and Christmas (we had quite the houseful), but we did go out on New Year's Day. Just a little ride down PCH to get my bearings again. And, it was wonderful. After such a long break, I was expecting to be quite rusty and off-kilter. But, no; it was probably the most relaxed I'd ever been on my bike. Oh, it was glorious, I'm telling you! The weather was beautiful, just a little cool, the traffic was light, and it was great fun. I took this photo with my iPhone, trying to get myslef in the mirror, but I couldn't see from the glare from the sun on its screen! That's my saddle bag instead!

Our next ride was Super Bowl Sunday. We were invited over to watch the game with some dear friends, and since we wanted to get out on the bikes that weekend anyway, we suited up and rode over. It's only about a 10-mile journey, and we've done it before. One time, to deliver some of our favorite Mexican ice cream for her 50th birthday. (If there's ice cream involved, I'm there!) We hadn't planned on staying for the whole game, but that's exactly what we did.
We scooted out right at the end of the game, hoping to get home before all the crazies who'd been drinking their favorite beers all afternoon hit the road, too. And, by that time, it was completely dark outside. I've never ridden in the dark. The Male wouldn't let me, so this was Big. Gear on, we headed out, only to have to stop one block away to clear the fog from my windshield. We started out again, and I had to keep my visor up so it wouldn't fog up either. I was glad we didn't have too far to go.
Note to self: clean windshield and visor and apply anti-fog stuff.
Then, just this past weekend, we got out again. Our church is looking at a new place to lease, and I needed a few more photos for a slide show. Once again, it was off south on PCH. What we didn't realize is that the road we planned to turn inland on didn't go through to PCH. We went farther than we planned, but when we did turn inland, it was through an area that neither of us had ever been to before. It was interesting and lovely and I didn't mind getting lost at all. We did finally pull over and got out The Male's iPhone to find out just where we were. (I think we spent a lot more time "exploring" before we got iPhones.)
We found our destination, I took my photos, and we went home yet another way we'd never been before. That's been the unintended consequence of riding: finding areas in our own city that are new to us. But, really, I'd like to get out of the city sometime soon!


  1. I love these biker chic stories! I like to imagine what people who don't know you at all think of you when they stumble across you! You're the second biker chic I've known and you both have very feminine, calm "other" lives! I love it. So inspiring. Oh and I'll pray for the church (the part of it that you meet with ;) that things work out well for ya'll!

  2. Thanks, Lissa! Our little church could use some prayer right about now...