Saturday, July 9, 2011

86.4 Miles and Only One Near-Death Experience

So, we're making great progress!

The Male, however, is still a little shaky.

We headed out today for Cook's Corner, a famous motorcycle hangout in Orange County.  Now, mind you, we weren't actually going to stop there.  Heavens, no,  We'd be exposed as the fakers we are faster than you can say, "I'll have the biggest tattoo you can draw!"

Getting there necessitates a bit of freeway, 22 miles, and then a long stretch along a winding, rural highway.  That part is truly lovely.  But, once past Cook's Corner, where I DIDN'T lay down my bike at the 90 degree corner--how embarrassing would that be?--the road gets even windier, with 3 really, really sharp turns.

And, I over-shot one.  Big time.  There were a few cars behind us, and I felt a little crowded, so I was probably going too fast.  Honestly, I don't remember.  I do know that I was too close to the inside of the curve, so it was very tight.  I probably would have been OK had I been on the outside of the curve.

So, I didn't make the turn and instead, shot over into the other lane.

Where, LORD be praised, there were NO oncoming cars.  Oh, I will be having flashbacks about that for some time. 

The Male was more than a little upset.  He gets that way whenever I almost get myself killed.  So, we pulled over by a park, had some water, and tried to shake it all off.
But, it took the fun down a notch or two.  He kept asking all the way home, "Are you doing OK?" 
And, I was.  Really.  I got up to 70 MPH on the freeway, a new record for me.  Didn't pop the clutch, kill the engine, drop the bike, or anything but that one itsy-bitsy mistake.  So, now can we all just move on? And, never mention this again.  Great!